Sellers Agreement

Seller affirms that they own the Intellectual Property (IP) rights to the customized Post Processor (Post), and may transfer or sell the Post and any related files to others without infringing on the IP or financial interests of any 3 rd party.

Seller agrees to provide the Post, any related files, example G-code file, and instructions required for the buyer to properly use the Post. (MyCAMPost provides a suite of CAD/CAM files to post that can assist in this purpose).

Seller will provide a list of Known Limitations and Notable Features required to use the Post.

MyCAMPost is a file sharing site. It is not possible, nor are we are not responsible for verifying the voracity of any legal or functionality claims. We expect buyers and sellers to act legally, ethically, and in good faith. We reserve the right to ban Sellers violating the terms and spirit of this site at our discretion.

In case of any dispute, myCAMPost shall have the final say as to any remedy. In any case, the remedy cannot exceed the cost of fully refunding the cost of the post processor.

In no case shall myCAMPost or the Post Processor Developer (SELLER) be held liable for any damages, injury, loss of work, or any other physical or monetary damages caused by the use of this Post Processor.

SELLER shall set a Retail Price of the POST. The Seller shall be compensated at the rate of 50% of the Retail Price for the Post. Subsequent modifications of the Post conducted by the Seller at the request of the Buyer shall be compensated based on a 70/30 split, with 70% of the price going to the Seller, and 30% to myCAMPost for facilitating the transaction. Payment to Seller is normally made within 30 days of receipt of payment in full from the Buyer.

Since myCAMPost acts as a sales and marketing agency for the SELLER, and introduces the SELLER to BUYERS they would normally not reach otherwise, the SELLER agrees to only facilitate financial transactions with the BUYER via the myCAMPost portal. Failure to do this will result in the SELLER’s use of myCAMPost being permanently terminated.