What is myCAMpost.com?

myCAMpost.com is an e-commerce site for sharing Post Processors. Think of us like the “eBay for Post Processors”. We connect buyers, sellers and developers of Post Processors, from around the world, in a transparent marketplace.

What CAM Systems does myCAMpost support?

As of fall, 2016 we support Autodesk HSMWorks©, Fusion©, and Inventor HSM©.

Why should I use myCAMpost.com?

Why can’t I just use the free post processors that ship with my CAM software?

What about Post Processors on Forums and file sharing sites?

That might work for you. But the history and quality of posts from file sharing sites may be dubious, and they often include no instructions or help changing if needed.

I want to sell my Post Processor. Why should I use myCAMpost.com?

How do I sell a post?

How do I register as a Consultant on your site?

Can I give away the post to a friend if I buy it?

What does Encrypted mean, and why are some posts Encrypted?